Maria Iqbal Maria is 15 years old and she has eight siblings. Her father is a cleaner, her mother and elder sister Nisha Iqbal are domestic workers in posh area. Maria has to take care of her younger siblings so she stays at home. When she sees other girls going to school with books in their hands she wishes that she can go to school. She has a great desire to be educated, but due to financial problems her parents could not afford to send any of their children to school. 

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Nabeela Mushtaq ​I am Nabeela Mushtaq. I am 20 years old and I have three sisters. My father  is a tailor and his income is equal to nothing. My mother worries greatly about my marriage. I belong to a very poor family and therefore no one is ready to form a relationship with us. I have no skills and I cannot continue my studies. I want you to help me so that I may learn the skill of stitching. 


Sana Laiqat ​Sana Laiqat is a young mother of three kids. Her husband is a barber. Her husband is not getting enough money to fulfill the needs of his family, Sana cooks food for a rich family, and that is how she helps her husband with finances. They cannot send their children to school as they are only able to provide food for the children. Sana is illiterate and does not have any skills. She wants to learn skills of income generation and reading and writing in order to increase the income.

Please help Sana to give a better life to her children.


Farzana Naveed Farzana is 17 years old. Her mother is working in a factory. She gets very low wages and her father has a very small shop in their neighborhood. The m oney which both husband and wife earn is just enough to provide their children with food. Farzana could not go to school but has a great desire to be able to read and write. Farzana goes to the church regularly and she loves to be part of the church choir but cannot read. She tries to learn the hymns by heart, but finds it difficult to remember them. She has a growing desire to learn to read and write.


Sumaira Mashook ​Sumaira is a 21 year old young girl living with her parents. she belongs to the poor of the poorest family. Her father works on daily wages so the day he gets work, he brings in money from the factory where she helps in packing the products. Sumaira takes care of five siblings at home as she is the eldest in her family. Her parents did not send her or the other sibling to school, as the parents say that they cannot afford to send them to school. Sumaira had a great desire to go to school since childhood. She had many dreams, but she had to take care of her brothers and sisters as their mother had to work the whole day.


Saba Sadiq ​Saba is 18 years old. Her father is a street hauker. He sells vegetables in the area where they live. His income is very low. Saba's  mother is a housewife and they have six children. Saba is the oldest in the family. Being the oldest, Saba has some responsibilities, but she is unable to do anything for the family as she is illiterate and no skills. Saba feels helpless when her siblings want something, but their father does not have money to buy them anything. She wants to learn how to read and write, and sewing embroidery. She wants to have a shop of her own, she wants to work herself and help others to get work.

Faiqa Nathaniel ​Faiqa Nathaniel is 30 years old and she has three children. Her husband works in an office as an office secretary. She is a housewife. Faiqa is illiterate, but her husband is educated. Often her husband gets upset with her because she is illiterate and he wanted a literate wife. Faiqa's parents did not send her to school as they were poor and could not afford to educate her. faiqa wants to learn how to read and write, as she feels that she worth nothing and of course she wants to help her children start school too.

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​​​Safia Ashraf  My name is Safia Ashraf, I am 40 years old and I live in Mariam colony in a small house. I have six children and they do not go to school. My husband is unemployed and addicted to heroin. I have a little shop in my home, but since I am not an educated woman, I have to face many problems while running the shop. I want you to help me be educated so that I can profit in my small shop. I desire to provide a good life to my children.

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Tina Safdar ​ My name is Tina Safdar. I am 18 years old and I am the eldest of my siblings. My father has a grocery shop. Since he cannot read, he has to face so many problems while doing basic mathematics. Our father says that it would have been easier if he had a son instead of all fours daughters, as the son could assist him at work. I want to help him, but I can only do that if I get a chance to be educated. I desire to not only help my father, but also to provide education for my younger sisters.

​Please Help me.

Najma Daniel ​My name is Najma Daniel. I am 42 years old. My husband passed away five years back and left me as the sole breadwinner for our five children. My desire is that I successfully meet all the needs of my children, but unfortunately I cannot fulfill the needs of my children and  am facing so many problems. I want you to help me. I wish to learn the work of sewing and fulfill basic needs for my children so that they can lead a happy life. Pleas help me.