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Women's Development Association

3955 E Exposition Ave, Suite 100

Denver, CO 80209

  If you…

  • Have a heart for persecuted and downtrodden women
  • Yearn to help women and children in developing nations earn dignity and status
  • Have a desire to CHANGE LIVES!
  • As a 501C3 all donations are tax deductible!

YOU can make a difference!

                                             Pray for our ministry

                                             Make a monthly pledge of $25 or more to                                                      support the education of a woman or child in                                                Pakistan

                                             Make a Monthly Pledge of $38 for a year to                                                    send a child to school.

                                             $200 would send a woman to a life impact                                                      class for one year. ​

                                             Provide a Micro-Credit Loan of $250

                                              Underwrite a Life Impact Class for 20+ women                                               $3,120 for one year.

                                              Underwrite a Children's Class for 25                                                               Children-$4,370 for one year

                                              Sponsor a Computer Class for $3000