Children Schools Without Walls

CWDA with the support of WDA, conducts children’s classes that consist of 25 children per class. This Class provides uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies to children. CWDA provides an educational opportunity that otherwise would not exist for children living in slums, on the outskirts of town, or in rural communities. It is especially valuable for the girls in these communities, as education would not be possible for them otherwise. Due to poverty, and lack of availability, girls are the last priority for education in poor communities. 

Micro-Credit Loans

WDA initiated its micro-credit loan program after realizing the existing potential for serving women with small income generating opportunities. The main objective and philosophy of the program is to enhance and upgrade the social and economic status of the society, focused on women in particular. Thereby, providing financial and capacity building support to small enterprises.

Retreats for Teachers

With the help of some generous donors, we have been able to arrange retreats for our staff.  Work Retreat provides an annual opportunity for our staff to enrich their personal and professional skills and knowledge in an educational retreat setting.  We believe it is a high impact way to reward, retain, and retrain our staff. Previous retreats have included workshops on time and stress management, effective communication skills, ergonomics, balancing work, family responsibilities, and increasing job satisfaction.  

 Our appreciation goes to our donors who made these retreats possible, giving the teachers a well-deserved vacation. They were thrilled, and are savoring every unforgettable minute.

Christmas Gifts for Children

There may be a lot of presents with your name on them under the Christmas tree, but there are millions of kids who have never received gifts because of poverty. They have never played with a toy or had any treats on Christmas.  

WDA provides Christmas Gifts for children and women every year with the help of our donors. Why don't you make a difference this Christmas to provide cheer to some of these kids in need this holiday season by sending your donations to WDA.

Life Impact Classes for Women

​WDA has partnered with CWDA in establishing Life Impact Classes in Pakistan since 1998. We conduct 14-20 classes throughout Lahore each year.

The Life Impact Classes include literacy and basic mathematics skills. They provide vocational training classes that include: sewing, beadwork, cooking, hair, and cosmetology, candle-making, and professional ribbon embellishment on fine linens. We also teach health education which includes topics such as: nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, and reproductive health. Lastly, we provide information regarding women’s human rights.

Teachers Trainings

CWDA conduct regular Teachers' Training Workshops for the newly appointed teachers who had to be introduced to the methodology, learning objectives, outcomes, and assessment tools used in the adult literacy classes, before they could start their own classes.  For all the other teachers, the training served as a refresher course where they had a chance to recall their experiences from the previous years, and also practice and share their skills 

Annual Fund Raisers 

WDA organizes Two annual fundraisers 

  • Anuual Spring Event

  • Annual Luncheon in Summer/Fall

Computer Classes

We ave an administrative computer course as a continuing education opportunity for the graduates of our Life Impact Classes. Approximately 200 girls per year learn computer skills which empower them to perform tasks like word processing, spread sheet management, graphic designing, etc.